My daughter Dana Shafer and I are both breast cancer survivors and we are gathering real life feelings  and experiences about how we made it through. We intend to compile our thoughts (and yours) in a  book, or series of books, to celebrate our status as survivors and to encourage those who might be going through it now. If you aren't a breast cancer survivor, please pass this on to someone who is. Remarks should be short and to the point. One paragraph is just fine!

Your comments may be edited for clarity.  There is no remuneration.  Feel free to answer one of the questions or all of them.  Thanks so much!

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Please tell us how long you've survived. Perhaps it's only been days or weeks.

1. Many survivors describe their lives as richer, sweeter or somehow more meaningful because of the experience.  What would you say?
2. Do you feel as though you're part of some special "club" (or special group of women who have beaten the odds) being a survivor? 
3. What did you learn about yourself from the experience?
4. What new thing(s) have you done since having had breast cancer? (Take a trip?  Plant a garden?  Take a class? Get a new hair-do?)
5 Tell us about a pet that comforted you.  (Dana's cat "Puddin'" was "hired" specifically as her caretaker, although now he's pretty much her "boss.")

6. What part did friends play in your recovery?  What did they do to encourage you?
7. What part did humor play in your recovery?  Is there a funny incident you could share?  (One woman told us she accidentally flushed her "breast" (prosthesis) down the toilet.)
8. How did you reward yourself at the end of treatment—or celebrate along the way?
9. When did you know you were over it? (For me, it was the first time I argued with my husband over something insignificant!  At that point, I knew I we were no longer dealing with life/death issues; the little stuff mattered again!)
10. How did God make himself known to you? How were prayers answered?
11. Was there a Scripture that got you through?  Comforted you?  Why? 12.  Is there something we missed that you'd like to say?
13. Is there something we missed that you'd like to say?

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