Topics suitable for a secular audience (Each of these topics is a variation of Sue's survivor story.):

"I'm Alive and the Doctor's Dead"
The goal of this speech is not to alienate, but to bring doctor and other healthcare professionals together for a better aura of understanding

"A Party Begins in the Heart"
A lesson in celebration. How to "live everyday as though it's your last."

Topics suitable for a church retreat audience;

"A Party Begins in the Heart."
This is Sue's very humorous story of survival from breast cancer and other of life's hugger muggers.

"I Don't Know Whether to Pray or Eat a Two Pound Box of Chocolate"
Sue's message (an ecumenical one) centers on three pivotal truths: God is who He says He is, Scripture is His way of communicating with us, and what He wants from us is quite simple. He wants us to be His representatives, through good times and bad. These are three simple truths that Sue says took her most of her life to figure out.

"If I can write a book, you can write a book!"
This is a hands-on workshop encouraging attendees to embrace, and learn to treasure his/her own personal story. It opens possibilities for keeping track of ones legacy for future generations, whether is be in story telling, writing it in book form, creating photo memory books, doing genealogy or keeping journals.

Sue's Bio:
Rather than a speaker, Sue prefers to call herself a cheerleader—and in that role has been sponsored by such groups as The Susan G. Koman Foundation, The American Cancer Society, and Town Hall, as well as pharmaceuticals: Glaxo, Amegen, Astra Zeneca, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Genetech, and GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly. Sue speaks regularly to professional groups of men and women as well as to women's groups for a Ladies Night Out or retreat. She is able to blend her sense of humor with touching stories and truths so that her audience not only enjoys a good belly laugh but maybe even sheds a tear or two.

"I'm shallow, but I'm deep for a shallow person," says Sue Buchanan, who is not nearly so shallow as she likes to say she is. She has been called the "guru of girl talk" and her message is rich with stories—gossipy stories—about her crazy friends who helped her survive cancer and other overwhelming interferences. Hers is a message of hope, and survival, and of God's faithfulness, even when she feels her prayers aren't getting any higher than the ceiling fan.

Publishers Weekly called Sue's book I'm Alive and the Doctor's Dead "hilarious." Other books include Duh-votions! a book of poignant—yet witty—devotional readings, Girls Gotta Have Fun, and A Party Begins in the Heart. Friends Through Thick and Thin (which she wrote with Gloria Gaither, Peggy Benson and Joy MacKenzie) has sold well over a hundred thousand copies. Confessions of Four Friends Through Thick and Thin, is also co-authored by the four friends.

Sue has co-authored seven best-selling children's books including, I Love You This Much (with Lynn Hodges) and Mud Pie Annie, a run-away best seller (with daughter Dana Shafer). Mud Pie Annie won a silver award from Excellence in Media scoring among the highest marks as an outstanding work with moral, ethical and social impact. I Love You This Much was chosen for the Children's Choice Award, (sponsored by the International Reading Association) and was among the finalists for the Gold Medallion competition of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. Six more children's books are contracted for and in production.

Sue also wrote Duh-Votions ... words of wisdom for the spiritually challenge, A Party Begins in the Heart, which features stories from the lives of her famous—and infamous—friends; and Friends Through Thick & Thin and, and Joy Mackenzie.

The most recent products from Sue include a journal and greeting cards from Lawson-Falle's Voices of Faith line. Other featured "voices" include Franklin Graham, Zig Ziglar, and Ruth Bell Graham.

Sue and her husband, Wayne, live in Nashville, Tennessee. They have two grown daughters, Dana and Melinda, a delightful son-in-law Barry, and a pampered fluffy gray cat who insisted his picture be included on her greeting cards and journal. Five more children's books are in production.

Sue is formerly vice president of Dynamic Media, Inc. and has worked with clients such as Dun&Bradstreet, Northern Telecom, HCA, and other fortune 500 companies. She lives with her husband Wayne in Nashville, TN. They have two grown daughters, a great son-in-law and a big gray cat.


We cannot thank you enough for speaking at our Sharing & Caring Event. Our guests were very moved both by your speech and by the way you took the time to meet them and personally speak with them at each table. You are a very warm and wonderful lady, Sue. You will always be held dear in our hearts.
Jeanie Betters
The Sharing & Caring Foundation of Westmoreland County

I very much enjoyed your presentation at the AAUW's "Books, Brunch and Boas" event! It's quite a trick to hold an overflow crowd of women decked out in rainbow-hued feathers spellbound, but you managed it superbly!
It isn't very often people get to witness inspiration in motion, but that's what we experienced when you spoke. So many of my friends from the hospital attend and – let me tell you – your presentation was definitely the talk around the water cooler the following Monday morning!
I want you to know that we strolled with our feathers out of the Manchester Inn stronger – and standing a bit taller – than when we walked in. You helped us better understand how to overcome the setbacks Life hands us all, in one form or another. And I assure you the sale of chocolate in our town will never be the same again, now that you've told us about your cure for cancer!
Sharing your experiences with us was such a generous thing for you to do, and I'm happy to enthusiastically recommend you to any group looking for a powerful, entertaining speaker with an amazing zest for life!
Jessica Woodard
Mid-Miami Healthcare

It is difficult for me to find the words to express my personal appreciation to you for coming to Middletown and speaking at our Books, Brunch & Boas. The end result was greater than our expectation. It is now about six weeks after the event and folks are still talking about what a great time they had and how much the enjoyed Sue Buchanan.
A large segment of the crowd came because of you—some knew you from previous speaking engagements and others were intrigued by your books and just wanted to meet you. You brought everything you had to our even and no one was disappointed. You brought laughter to folks who needed to laugh and they commented that they had not had such a good laugh in a very long time. Some of the folks in attendance were struggling with "issues" in life and they appreciated your positive attitude and encouragement. Many have commented that there was a positive mood or magic to the day and I certainly agree, it was truly a celebration for the women of our community.
Thank you for your inspiration, for your sense of humor and for your deep sensitivity that shines through.
Rose Grau
American Association of University Women

"We are still hearing wonderful comments about BB&B. In fact the word "magic" came up in a very nice letter the foundation wrote to us about the event. We had no idea we could make that much money. You really played a special part in a special day.

I just wanted to take the time to send a personal note thanking you for doing a wonderful job at the WVBCCSP Conference. Your "cheerleading" served as a great way to end our conference on a positive note. You did an outstanding job and I will recommend you to others in the field.
Stephanie Graham-Sims,MS
Professional Education Coordinator
West Virginia University

Dear Sue,
"I'll share some of the comments from your audience with you, but I don't want you to get a "big head" to go with all that "big hair! 
Robin Brown
Director of Women's Ministry

You accomplished our stated goals!

(Credits given for continuing education)
Program goals:
1. To showcase humor as an important link to good mental health and possibly to longer survival
2. To make those in attendance (healthcare professionals) aware that there is life after cancer.
3. To hopefully recruit "cheerleaders" those who will wave the flag of encouragement in an often discouraging industry.
4. Understand how working together (healthcare professional and patient) can create an atmosphere for healing.


You blasted through this place and I will remember you with great joy! I was so filled with joy after our conference that even when I came home to Sat. chores of scrubbing the toilets I was smiling. My kids said "what's with you?" I said, "the joy of the Lord is my strength." "OK whatever mom ..."

Speaking engagements

Sue speaks to both secular and church-related audiences. Many  are events that celebrate the survival of breast cancer. Her publisher will help attract media attention for selected events. (read Sue's bio)

Speaking with Dana drew us close. Giggling in hotels rooms, talking half the night, stuffing ourselves with good food ... but best of all, I had the honor of helping to care for her (with her wonderful husband and Hospice) for the last four months of her life. It was holy ground.

Sue says: "Speaking together isn't something we ever expected to be doing! Taking a spaceship to the moon together, or co-authoring a book on quantum physics might be more likely. But speaking together? You gotta be kidding?

We had years when we couldn't even agree on what day of the week it was, much less the year or the month. Then, as time went by, we not only found ourselves arguing less, but even when we weren't seeing eye to eye, we were listening to each  other. What a surprise!  We actually began to find each other's opinions  worthwhile. Fascinating even!

Somewhere along the way we realized that we were crazy about each other! Who'da thought?

When we wrote our award-winning children's book Mud Pie Annie we were thrilled to find that we shared a consuming passion for words. Now we're writing a "big people's" book for cancer survivors. We are both breast cancer survivors.

A two-time survivor, Dana is part of a new generation of women who, thanks to incredible recent advancements in treatment, are living successfully with breast cancer—not just “surviving” but “thriving.”

A lifelong photographer, Dana has created more scrapbook albums than she can count. She also loves to bike, ski and hike with her husband, Barry. The two live in Middletown, Ohio, with a very bad cat named Puddin'.

Topics ... how do I say it? We can speak on pretty much everything and anything from cats (we each have one) to the love of knitting (another thing we share). But seriously (we rarely are) we can adapt our speech (we usually fight over the microphone)  to your theme ... to your audience. We are available for mother-daughter celebrations as well as cancer awareness events.
We want your audience to know:

  • There is hope for mother-daughter relationships. (It may take awhile)
  • That laughter is a great healer ... of pretty much whatever ails you. 
  • That your family history is priceless.That your stories and photos are priceless and should be preserved at all cost. 
  • That you are a whole person— body, soul and spirit— and that you can't get through the next dinner party without a relationship with the God who made you,  much less a life-threatening illness such as cancer.  

What a party we had in the Common Place at Gaither Family Resources with Sue and her gorgeous daughter Dana! It was a "pink party" to celebrate cancer survivors and those who  are currently braving the getting healthy process. Dana herself was in the midst of treatment, but was amazing as she made us laugh, made us cheer, and sometimes let us cry when we needed to. Sue "festooned" us with what she swore were  "garlands of praise," but they looked an awful lot like feather boas in gaudy colors of fuchsia and purple. Then they both shared their stories of trial and triumph from hearts softened by experience. What can I say? We hugged each other and walked out that night with the swagger of a kid who knows she's adored. The love songs from that night are still hanging in the air.
Gloria Gaither,
Gaither Family Resources

With a feather boa around her neck and a promise that both God and chocolate will help with a major illness, this glitzy, gutsy lady, Sue Buchanan, endears her audience with her testimony of faith and her personal story of a journey with breast cancer.
  Joined by her daughter Dana Shafer who has battled the same disease, this mother-daughter team dares to become real -- sharing their fears, frustrations and faith.
Whether laughing at Sue's antics, or crying at Dana's unshakeable faith, the audience is touched and transformed by the stories shared by these two women. Each person in attendance soon becomes aware that they have glimpsed personal courage, limitless hope and the wondrous workings of a loving God.
Connie S. Owens,
author and speaker


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Dear Sue,
Thank you so very much for being willing to share yourself with us. God has used you in a mighty way and you have touched many hearts.
Your new friends from Women Ministries of the Evangelical Covenant Church

Made me laugh and cry with joy
Gave new insights on living a joyful life
So refreshing and honest
Funny ... transparent
Great message ... so good and so real.
Would love to hear her again.
Thank you for letting me sit, relax and laugh
Very personal sharing made her very precious to me.
Thanks for reminding us to have fun, joy and laughter ... that's a topic we rarely hear
Breath of fresh air.
Good balance of serious and funny
Innovative approaches to living the Christian life
Incredible - Excellent - Enjoyed her honest -

Dear Sue -
I cannot begin to thank you enough for the gift you gave to the women of Christ Church, Frederica earlier this month.  We had hoped you might help us chase away the winter doldrums - and perhaps even shake up the house a bit - give us something to think about, and create some new enthusiasm in some of our quieter members - but never could we have imagined the stir you created!  The phone calls and the e-mails are still coming in two weeks later !  Once they recovered from the initial shock of your enthusiasm - our women GOT IT !!!  Life is to be celebrated, and challenges taken head on !  God loves us. He cares for, and provides for us. He wants us to seek His Voice and listen to His word . . . . but He also has a sense of humor and loves fun!  He is the source of that also !   I want to thank you specifically for bringing a message of outreach that surprised and awakened, but didn't threaten or frighten, some of those in our congregation best described as traditional churchgoers.  It can be hard sometimes to stir their souls - to encourage them to seek beyond the traditions they hold most sacred and safe, and show them the Living Lord can be celebrated in their lives anew - expressed within their own traditions, without risk of turning into the caricature of "radical" evangelism - to which they simply cannot relate.  You issued a loving invitation to the dance.  And they accepted.

Our "traditional" membership was also surprised and delighted to see our ranks swell by so many visitors the morning you spoke.  It was something of a new experience for many in our church; to see women drive two hours and more - just to hear someone speak in our hall.  This has opened new doors and spurred new thought for outreach in our community and beyond.  What a seed you have helped plant!  Thank you for your ministry - and your friendship.  We love you.
Yours in Christ,
Leslie Mattingly,

Episcopal Church Women
Christ Church, Frederica

Women of Grace retreat (all city women's event) was the best ever! Your presentation was uplifting, thought provoking, challenging, and delightfully funny
You reached out and touched each one of us in different ways. You were an absolute delight.
Erlene Burdsall
The Women of Grace Committee

You signed two books for me. You said, "Let God unleash the real you." I have been pondering that all week! Thanks for the laughter that you have awakened in my very none laughing world. I will strive to keep laughing at myself and I'll have tons of material!