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Speaking engagements

Sue speaks to both secular and church-related audiences. Many  are events that celebrate the survival of breast cancer. Her publisher will help attract media attention for selected events. (read Sue's bio)

Sue is now teaming with her daughter Dana to speak to audiences across the country.

Sue says: "Speaking together isn't something we ever expected to be doing! Taking a spaceship to the moon together, or co-authoring a book on quantum physics might be more likely. But speaking together? You gotta be kidding?

We had years when we couldn't even agree on what day of the week it was, much less the year or the month. Then, as time went by, we not only found ourselves arguing less, but even when we weren't seeing eye to eye, we were listening to each  other. What a surprise!  We actually began to find each other's opinions  worthwhile. Fascinating even!

Somewhere along the way we realized that we were crazy about each other! Who'da thought?

When we wrote our award-winning children's book Mud Pie Annie we were thrilled to find that we shared a consuming passion for words. Now we're writing a "big people's" book for cancer survivors. We are both breast cancer survivors.

A two-time survivor, Dana is part of a new generation of women who, thanks to incredible recent advancements in treatment, are living successfully with breast cancer—not just “surviving” but “thriving.”

A lifelong photographer, Dana has created more scrapbook albums than she can count. She also loves to bike, ski and hike with her husband, Barry. The two live in Middletown, Ohio, with a very bad cat named Puddin'.

Topics ... how do I say it? We can speak on pretty much everything and anything from cats (we each have one) to the love of knitting (another thing we share). But seriously (we rarely are) we can adapt our speech (we usually fight over the microphone)  to your theme ... to your audience. We are available for mother-daughter celebrations as well as cancer awareness events.
We want your audience to know:

  • There is hope for mother-daughter relationships. (It may take awhile)
  • That laughter is a great healer ... of pretty much whatever ails you. 
  • That your family history is priceless.That your stories and photos are priceless and should be preserved at all cost. 
  • That you are a whole person— body, soul and spirit— and that you can't get through the next dinner party without a relationship with the God who made you,  much less a life-threatening illness such as cancer.  


Sue's Humorous
Survivor Cards


Sue Buchanan - speaker
New Book—coming in September: "The Bigger the Hair, the Closer to God: Unleashing the cute, darlin', witty, delightful, intelligent, passionate, authentic... INTERESTING... LIFE-OF-THE-PARTY person inside you." It pokes holes in the sacred cows that tend to get us side-tracked  from being our authentic selves... being all God intends for us to be. Look for this new book in bookstores or order your signed copy direct from Suebue.com in September.

Children's books as collectibles

Perhaps you've noticed that a whole generation of kids have grown up without much direction. Maybe not your children, but look around you! What happened? My parents (and yours?) monitored our every move, but today it seems kids are left to find their own way. It breaks your heart.

Writing children's books was something I never dreamed of, and when given the opportunity, the only thing I could think of was, "Writing for children is an awesome responsibility! I figured you could tell adults most anything, and they could sort it out. If they don't know fact from fiction, too bad, they should stick to television. (Well, that's a pitiful attitude, but you know what I'm sayin'!)"

The burden felt heavy. These little people are their parents' treasures, and mothers and fathers will be trusting me. It struck me that these children are our future  leaders, and I thought surely there are absolutes—truths if you will—that work for every occasion, across the board, regardless of  economic status or religion, to make them better people.  So here's what I came up with as a guideline: The Bible. That ancient holy book that makes such bold statements as "Work at everything you do with all your heart!" and "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."  Each book is based on a well-chosen truth from Scripture to make your child a better person.    

Here is my mission statement:

  • It is my intention in everything I write, to show that Scripture is a guide for life. That biblical principles are trustworthy and can be lived out every single day beginning at the earliest point of understanding.
  • There should be some crossroad where the character in the story has to make a decision between right and wrong. My prayer for the child is that eventually, when the authority figure (parent, clergy, teacher) isn't there, the child will remember simple right and wrong truths, and apply them to life. That child will trust God's voice, and do what is right.
  • Because I believe children can grasp much bigger concepts than they are given credit for, I intend to write to that end.
  • Last of all, the read-aloud-ability of the book is important. The stories should "sing," resound in the child's spirit, so that even before the child understands the words, he or she will love the rhythms and the dynamics of the words themselves.

Personalized books are a life-time treasure. It's never too early, or too late, to begin collecting. I began to collect signed books long before I was an author. Some are now valuable. To get started please take advantage of this special offer:

Four books in the "Song of God's Love" series.
I Love You This Much
Dear God It's Me
Count Yourself to Sleep
Angels Watching Over Me

Each book has CD with a song (sung by a mother and child) that uses the exact words of the book.

Special signed four-book package: $50.00
($10.00 savings)

(limited time offer)

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