Angels Watching Over Me is a sweetly told song sharing with children the wonder of angels and the comfort angels bring. The text is accompanied by John Bendall Brunellos's illustrations as well as a musical CD.

Another charming musical book from the A Song of God's Love series! Join a little one as she wonders about angels in this sweet book-and-CD set from best-selling authors Lynn Hodges and Sue Buchanan. Are angels big, or small? Do they really have wings? Will they come when we call? The tender rhyme set to music is a beautiful accompaniment to this book, Illustrated in the soft pastels of John Bendall-Brunello. Angels Watching over Me opens a perfect window to discuss the wonder of angelsóand the protection of our heavenly fatherówith children ages four to eight.


NEW!! Count Yourself to Sleep forms a perfect backdrop for bedtime prayer and story time as these bestselling authors, Sue and Lynn Hodges, unfold the bounty of God's blessings in this innovative counting book, coplete with this musical CD to share with your child!

Delightful Picture Books Bring a Breath of Fresh Air – Sue Buchanan, the optimistic author of "I'm Alive and the Doctor's Dead" has collaborated with her daughter Dana Shafer, to write "Mud Pie Annie," and with her composer friend, Lynn Hodges to create "I Love You This Much." Delightful art, endearing lyrics, and messages of perseverance and love for young hearts reflects Buchanan's own zest for living and will amuse young children everywhere. discontinued


That's Not All I Want For Christmas, by Sue Buchanan and Lynn Hodges

Ashton is excited to prepare her Christmas wish list — but good intentions for the poor go out the window as her personal want list grows longer and longer. When Christmas Day arrives, Ashton is delighted to receive everything she asked for, but she still has an important surprise coming. Her friend Debbie brings her a heart-changing message!


"Mud Pie Annie" celebrates creativity as young Annie finds delight in cooking with mud—despite the negative comments from grown-ups who just don't understand.. Annie knows that her joy signals a gift from God and she is determined to use it "with all her might." The delightful illustrations of Joy Allen, which were featured in Pubisher's Weekly, (It) and the endearing saga by Sue Buchanan and her daughter, Dana Buchanan Shafer, make this a delightful adventure. See Review


Despite the nagative comments from grown-ups who just don't understand her, little Annie delights in cooking with mud. She can make anything from "marvelous eclairs" to "parfait extraordinaire" - all with just a little water and dirt. Sue Buchanan and Dana Shafer's thoroughly charming and highly recommended picturebook story of a spunky little girl and her exceptional, albeit unusual, talent for cooking, is marvelously illustrated with the colorful artwork of Joy Allen, and enhanced for young readers with several delicious "mud pie" recipes to try out on their own!

"I Love you this Much" tells little ones the words that they can never hear too often or too soon. CBA Marketplace highly recommends this book that parents and grandparents can use to snuggle with young children as they sing along with a music CD that plays the sweet tune of the lullaby, I Love You This Much. This story is pure enjoyment for the parent bear who sings to a cub about how much they are loved and tells of an even greater love—that of our Creator.

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ISBN:† 0-310-706-45-9

"Dear God it's Me!"

The bestselling authors of I Love You This Much, Lynn Hodges and Sue Buchanan, team up again to bring you another endearing tale in Dear God, It's Me. Based on a beautiful melody, this musical prayer shares the gentle, loving message that God is forever near.

Little ones will be encouraged to pray to their heavenly Father knowing he'll always hear. Nothing is more precious than moments shared between a parent and child. Filled with charming illustrations that reflect the beautiful melody and tender words, Dear God, It's Me is a reminder of God's never-ending care.


ISBN:† 078144164-1

That's Not All I Found in the City, by Sue Buchanan and Lynn Hodges

Ashton dreams about the wonderful things she'll show her
friend Debbie on their Easter trip to New York City — like carriage rides and shopping sprees and art museums! But Ashton is in for a big surprise when she discovers just how much Debbie already knows about the big city — and the real reason for Easter!


So there we were this afternoon in the gift shop of the National Cathedral in Washington DC, when Bradley called out, "Dad, come here - I found Aunt Sue's books!"  He thought it was so cool.  Actually I thought it was cool too... I mean, how many people can say that their
Aunt's book is sold in the same place where Presidents and Supreme
Court Justices worship!

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By Ann Byle

Authors Sue Buchanan and Dana Shafer put the glorious delight of mud into words in their first children's book "Mud Pie Annie."
Along with Annie you'll feel the warm mud squish between your toes, you'll dip your hands into the foamy, sloppy mess, and you'll create culinary masterpieces to rival the work of the world's best chefs.
Buchanan, who collaborated with her daughter on "Mud Pie Annie," will be at Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Rivertown Crossings Mall on Saturday.
She will introduce children to this wonderful book and help them create their own mud pies with chocolate pudding, gummy worms, pretzel sticks and other edible treats.
Mud Pie Annie is a creative, spunky little girl whose determination and imagination turn her into the world's best and dirtiest chef. She is undeterred by the stares of the neighborhood children and the irritation of her parents
"All of us who are parents and grandparents have played in the mud," said Buchanan, 63. "I'm not so sure kids today play in the mud.
"Adults like Annie because she does what we did. Children like her because she's interesting."
Annie is indeed interesting. She's blissfully unaware of the mess she's making as her imagination takes flight around the world. Her mud creations include "recipes from 'round the world, mouth-watering cuisine like arroz con mantequilla and Italian almondine. Rugelach from Russia, mud-crust baklava from Greece ..."
Buchanan and Shafer aren't afraid to challenge children with words that are beyond their vocabulary.
"Children will love the way the words sound." Buchanan said. "I call it read-aloud-ability. The book will introduce them to new things that are just beyond the reach. They can grow into Mud Pie Annie."
The magnificent artwork adds depth and joy to the words of the authos. The illustrations by Joy Allen merited a showing at "Every Picture Tells a Story," a prestigious art gallery in Los Angeles that exhibits the nation's top children's illustrators.
"I think the art is so great that you want to lick it off the page." Buchanan said.

Sue Buchanan
Nashville, TN 37205