Books by Sue and Friends, Gloria Gaither, Peggy Benson and Joy MacKenzie

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Four books in the "Song of God's Love" series.
I Love You This Much
Dear God It's Me
Count Yourself to Sleep
Angels Watching Over Me
Each book has CD with a song (sung by a mother and child) that uses the exact words of the book.
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The Bigger the HairEvery woman has a big-haired lady buried inside her. It's time to unleash the authentic person God created you to be!




A Party Begins in the Heart- an invitation to never-ending celebration.Wherever Sue Buchanan may be, a party is likely to erupt. And with friends like Bill and Gloria Gaither,Laurie Beth Jones Joni Erickson Tada, Mark Lowry, Sheila Walsh, Sandi Patti—and Sue’s self-proclaimed spiritual gift of exaggeration—things just might get out of hand. An ordinary gathering becomes an all-out celebration.

A shameless name-dropper, Sue can hardly resist gossiping about well-known friends She dishes a bit of the n e w s y, a bundle of the nosy, and absolutely none of the nasty. Sue has the answers to your wildest questions: How many pairs of shoes does Sheila Walsh have? Where does Jerry Jenkins pen his best-selling novels? What kind of pajamas does Vestal Goodman wear? Why did Liz Curtis Higgs leave her Christmas tree up all year?

A Party Begins in the Heart features anecdotes from Sue’s cherished friends along with mouth-watering recipes, uplifting songs, time management hints, and plenty of ideas for creating a “party in the heart” lifestyle. Scattered throughout are emergency Scriptures—for when your heart has “done run out of party!” “Celebrating is a mind set,” says Sue. “It’s embracing all that is delightful, fanciful, and imaginative.” Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just a Tuesday after-noon. A Party Begins in the Heart will encourage you to celebrate every day.

A Party Begins in the Heart offers Sue Buchanan’s distinctive blend of practical and preposterous ideas for entertaining guests and celebrating day-to-day life. As a survivor of breast cancer, Sue communicates with authority the necessity of rejoicing in spite of circumstances—yes, she even celebrated through chemotherapy. Sharing whimsical wisdom ("celebrate feeding the cat") and offering unlikely advice with her merry and witty look at life and God, inspirational speaker Sue Buchanan charms audiences everywhere she goes.

“When you pick up a book by Sue you are guaranteed several things. You will laugh loudly, learn a lot and want to pass it on to your friends.” Sheila Walsh Author of Living Fearlessly and keynote speaker at Women of Faith conferences.

“Sue Buchanan writes like she speaks, with lots of exclamation points!! And why not, when you're throwing a party as fun as this one? Sue really is the original party girl, but beneath all the light-hearted fun is a deep-seated faith in Christ that shines even brighter than her gaudiest outfit. Party on, sister!” Liz Curtis Higgs Author of Help! I'm Laughing and I Can't Get Up and Bad Girls of the Bible.

“It's great to know how many pairs of shoes Sheila Walsh has or what kind of pajamas Vestal wears. But what I really want to know is, who does Bill Gaither's hair? Sue didn’t tell half the dirt she has on most of us. Will the next book include arrest records and incriminating photos? My mama doesn’t give her fajita recipe to just anyone! A Party Begins in the Heart is worth the price for that alone. Sue shares lots of gossip that you can't get just anywhere.” Mark Lowry Author of Live Long and Die Laughing and star of the video Mark Lowry on Broadway.


DUH-VOTIONS - Words of wisdom for the Spiritually Challenged is sure to leave you laughing and pondering some of life's most important lessons. Sue offers a merry and witty look at life from the "shallow" end of the gene pool in sixty fun devotions, sure to leave you laughing and pondering some of life's most important lessons. This very funny lady show us all that we don't have to be "deep" to hear God's voice. All we have to do is listen and we'll find his message about love and redemption in even the smallest details of everyday life.

"Sue understands duh-ness. What a relief to know I'm not alone on those days when I absolutely make no sense, even to myself! You will giggle and glean from Sue's playful and principled insights. Duh-lightful!" Patsy Clairmont

"Sue laughs loudly, lives loudly and loves loudly. I loudly recommend this book." Sheila Walsh


Publisher:  Zondervan Publishing House

I'm Alive and the Doctor's Dead ... Surviving Cancer With Your Sense of Humor and Your Sexuality Intact. There is life during and after cancer. This book is here to say, "ignore the nay-sayers, ignore the statistics. The computer doesn't know you ... cherish the moments and look for the rainbows. As for statistics, it's all just fairy dust".

When the doctor pronounces a patient "as good as dead," does she have to take it lying down? "No way!" says Sue Buchanan, who outlived the doctor who predicted she'd die of breast cancer fifteen year ago.

I'm Alive and the Doctor's Dead is a high-spirited manifesto for any woman who is facing a medical verdict she doesn't want to hear. Buchanan tells her story and assures women that there is life—and a lot of it—during and after cancer. Warm, funny, and very, very honest, this encouraging book offers practical help and hope for women suffering from breast cancer.


"Sue put me smack in the middle of every situation: the denial, the doctor's offices, the funny shenanigans, the best friends . . . Every person, male, or female, should read this enlightening, encouraging, and hilarious book" Thelma Wells, Author and Speaker

"This book is rich in a commodity often in short supply for, those facing cancer: HOPE!" Dave Dravecky, Author, Founder of Outreach of Hope

"Sue's account of her courageous, head-on battle against cancer should benefit and inspire thousands." Jerry B. Jenkins, Author

Interview with Sue

ISBN: 0-310-22455-1
Publisher:  Zondervan Publishing House

Friends Through Thick & Thin, which Sue wrote with her best friends Gloria Gaither, Peggy Benson and Joy MacKenzie, invites you to savor the joys and strengths, AND FUN of friendship. It's an upbeat encouraging look at the relationships that enrich our lives. It's a wise, wacky, and honest glimpse at things that will help you nurture the garden of your own friendships. And it's a joyous, personal time of sharing with four extraordinary women. The four women ask you to join them in a humorous and touching look at the peaks and valleys, the laughter and tears that are shared whenever hearts connect. This celebration of friendship is a best seller.

"The girls have done it! They have filled this book with the stuff it takes to connect with another successfully and joyously. I love it!" Patsy Clairmont, author of God Uses Cracked Pots and Sportin' a 'Tude

What an excitement it is to me to find a book about longtime friends from some of my favorite longtime friends! Each author is execptional as an individual so this book is four times as great as any normal publication." Florence Littauer, author of Personality Plus

"... and encouragement to seek and find the true friends God has been waiting to link together. This book helps prepare the soil of a lonely heart for the planting of true, lasting relationships." Lee Ezell, author of The Cinderella Syndrome


ISBN:  0310217261
Publisher:  Zondervan Publishing House

Confessions of Four Friends Through Thick & Thin ... now that we're old enough to know better.

How would you complete the sentence, "Now that I'm old enough to know better...?" This is your opportunity to sit down and swap notes with four fellow travelers who've given plenty of thought to how they would fill in the blank.

Gloria Gaither, Peggy Benson, Sue Buchanan and Joy MacKenzie have been friends for a long time-long enough to enjoy rediscovering daily the wisdom and delight of being kids at heart. As Gloria puts it, "We've wise up so much that none of us ever intends to grow up! So four little girls in grandmothers' bodies invite you to come over for tea in our back yard. We have some confessions to make!"

Confessions? You bet! Confessions about life's ups and downs, about family, about God's faithfulness in times of irrepressible laughter and indescribable loss. Confessions of Four Friends Through Thick and Thin takes you on a journey-sometimes delightful, sometimes difficult, always unpredictable-from the days of roller skates and baby doll carriages, through years of new adventures with the coming and going, gaining and losing of business ventures and families, to a sense of satisfaction that comes with maturity.

If you love to laugh and ponder and stretch your thinking, look inside and savor the rich laughter and wisdom of four women who know life well. Through the best and worst of times, these good friends have discovered together the treasure of authentic faith, the humor that comes from perspective, the confidence in skills long cultivated, the poignancy of tears, and the zaniness of losing youthful inhibitions.

Punctuated with song lyrics, prayers, and whimsical illustrations this book will help clear your vision, enlarge your heart, and deepen your relationship with the Savior, who loves you and holds your hand throughout this surprising pilgrimage called life.


ISBN:  031023628-2
Publisher:  Zondervan Publishing House

Angels Watching Over Me is a sweetly told song sharing with children the wonder of angels and the comfort angels bring. The text is accompanied by John Bendall Brunellos's illustrations as well as a musical CD.

Another charming musical book from the A Song of God's Love series! Join a little one as she wonders about angels in this sweet book-and-CD set from best-selling authors Lynn Hodges and Sue Buchanan. Are angels big, or small? Do they really have wings? Will they come when we call? The tender rhyme set to music is a beautiful accompaniment to this book, Illustrated in the soft pastels of John Bendall-Brunello. Angels Watching over Me opens a perfect window to discuss the wonder of angels—and the protection of our heavenly father—with children ages four to eight.



Count Yourself to Sleep forms a perfect backdrop for bedtime prayer and story time as these bestselling authors, Sue and Lynn Hodges, unfold the bounty of God's blessings in this innovative counting book, coplete with this musical CD to share with your child!

ISBN:  0310232260


"Mud Pie Annie" celebrates creativity as young Annie finds delight in cooking
with mud—despite the negative comments from grown-ups who just don't understand.. Annie knows that her joy signals a gift from God and she is determined to use it "with all her might." The delightful illustrations of Joy Allen, which were featured in Pubisher's Weekly, (It) and the endearing saga by Sue Buchanan and her daughter, Dana Buchanan Shafer, make this a delightful adventure.


ISBN:  0310232686

"I Love you this Much" tells little ones the words that they can never hear too often or too soon. CBA Marketplace highly recommends this book that parents and grandparents can use to snuggle with young children as they sing along with a music CD that plays the sweet tune of the lullaby, I Love You This Much. This story is pure enjoyment for the parent bear who sings to a cub about how much they are loved and tells of an even greater love—that of our Creator.



ISBN:  0-310-706-45-9

"Dear God it's Me!"

The bestselling authors of I Love You This Much, Lynn Hodges and Sue Buchanan, team up again to bring you another endearing tale in Dear God, It's Me. Based on a beautiful melody, this musical prayer shares the gentle, loving message that God is forever near.

Little ones will be encouraged to pray to their heavenly Father knowing he'll always hear. Nothing is more precious than moments shared between a parent and child. Filled with charming illustrations that reflect the beautiful melody and tender words, Dear God, It's Me is a reminder of God's never-ending care.


ISBN:  07844078-5


That's Not All I Want For Christmas, by Sue Buchanan and Lynn Hodges

Ashton is excited to prepare her Christmas wish list — but good intentions for the poor go out the window as her personal want list grows longer and longer. When Christmas Day arrives, Ashton is delighted to receive everything she asked for, but she still has an important surprise coming. Her friend Debbie brings her a heart-changing message!


ISBN:  078144164-1

That's Not All I Found in the City, by Sue Buchanan and Lynn Hodges

Ashton dreams about the wonderful things she'll show her friend Debbie on their Easter trip to New York City — like carriage rides and shopping sprees and art museums! But Ashton is in for a big surprise when she discovers just how much Debbie already knows about the big city — and the real reason for Easter!


Sue Buchanan